The PROGRAM – “It’s About Change” has two divisions serving adults and children with unique and specialized programming and services.

Children’s Programming

Detention Alternative Program

Treatment Alternative Program

Saturday Sessions

Adult Programs and Services

Pre-Release Services

Day Program Activities

Transitional Housing
    Promise Place

HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Risk Counseling Service (CRCS)

Pre-Release Services

Pre-Release Services are offered through The PROGRAM – “It’s About Change” by the Manager of Pre-Release & Auxiliary Services in collaboration with the Dauphin and Cumberland County Prisons. The PROGRAM – “It’s About Change” visits female inmates in Dauphin and Cumberland County prisons on a weekly basis to provide life skills training, individual and/or group counseling and supportive services.


Any woman who is housed at Dauphin and Cumberland County prisons is eligible to receive services and participate in programming.

The Manager of Pre-Release & Auxiliary Services can also act as an advocate by contacting probation/parole officers, make various referrals, contact family members, help female inmates seek employment, obtain information on housing, and obtain information on treatment providers on behalf of the female inmate making the request(s) for assistance.  


Pre-Release Services are provided to female inmates in prison in an effort to prepare them for eventual release into the community. The following list of programming/services includes, (but is not limited to):

  1. Individual/Group Counseling

  2. Advocacy

  3. Assistance with pre-employment activities

  4. Community resources/referral (i.e. D&A, MH/MR, housing)

  5. HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Risk Counseling Services (CRCS)

  6. Life Skills Training (decision making skills, problem solving, stress management, budgeting, goal planning)

  7. Referrals to The PROGRAM’s transitional living facility – Promise Place, or other community residential facilities


Any woman who is incarcerated in Dauphin or Cumberland County Prison is eligible to receive services from The PROGRAM – “It’s About Change” and can inform their Treatment Counselor they would like to request services. 

If you know of a woman in prison who is need of our services, you can contact The PROGRAM – “It’s About Change”.

Contact Information

Located at:

1515 Derry Street
Harrisburg, PA  17104
(717) 238-9950
Fax: (717) 236-3585


Weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For more information contact Manager of Pre-Release & Auxiliary Services at (717) 238-9950 or email


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1515 Derry Street

Harrisburg, PA 17104

Tel. 717.238.9950

Fax. 717.236.3585

Valerie G. Simmons

Executive Director/CEO

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